Criminal Charges

Once the government, either the State or the Federal government, has decided to prosecute a person for a crime, this is often one of the most terrifying times in a person’s life. The pressure of prison looming can often be overwhelming. Fortunately, I have experience in all areas of criminal law and have handled a vast array of charges. I practice all over the state, and will travel to make sure your constitutional rights are upheld. Below are just some of the areas I  have trial experience in:

·       Murder in the First Degree – both death penalty and non-death penalty cases

·       Lewd Acts with a Child

·       Rape

·       Robbery

·       Kidnapping

·       Burglary

·       Assault and Battery with a Deadly Weapon

When charged with a criminal offense you always have a choice. If you did not commit the crime you should not plead guilty and you should hire a skilled trial lawyer to fight the system for you. If, however, you would like the case resolved as quickly as possible the aim would be to negotiate the best plea bargain, ensuring that you receive the best deal. I have successfully negotiated dismissals, and charges to be amended to lesser crimes as well as ensuring my clients receive probation, when the state is asking for prison time.

When the state has charged you with a felony criminal case you have a right to a preliminary hearing. I have conducted many preliminary hearings exposing the states lack of evidence. At preliminary hearing I have successfully argued to a judge that a case cannot proceed and that it should be dismissed.